13 Dec 2022

AmpliTube Gets TONEX Stomp

The FREE update adds pedal Tone Models for a whole new level of tone-shaping

IK releases a FREE update for all versions of AmpliTube 5 that lets users now employ TONEX Stomp Tone Models within AmpliTube to create signature signal chains like never before.

Now you can enjoy the Premium Stomp Tone Models included with TONEX, the ones you capture using TONEX software, and your favorite ToneNET Stomp Tone Models, all inside AmpliTube 5.

TONEX Stomp works just like other AmpliTube gear.

Similar to TONEX Amp, TONEX Stomp appears as a pedal type in AmpliTube. Just drag its icon onto your signal chain and use the edit button to load any of the TONEX Stomp Tone Models stored on your local drive.

AmpliTube 5 TONEX Stomp

You can browse all your TONEX Tone Models* within the new version of AmpliTube, including those you’ve downloaded from ToneNET with TONEX, grab your favorites and start playing right away.

TONEX Stomp Tone Models can be used with other AmpliTube pedals in any order. They also work with any combination of TONEX and/or AmpliTube amps and cabs. Create your unique signal chain with TONEX Stomp and save it as a user preset for instant recall later.

Experience tone like never before. Update to AmpliTube 5.5.3 today.


To get updated on Mac/PC, launch the IK Product Manager, go to Manage My Products, and use the Update button next to AmpliTube 5.

What's new in AmpliTube 5.5.3:

  • Added TONEX Stomp to insert your personal and favorite stomp Tone Models anywhere in the signal chain
  • General reliability improvements

*To load TONEX Tone Models from ToneNET, download them to your local library inside the separate TONEX software. Once your favorite Tone Models are downloaded to your local library, they will immediately appear in the TONEX Stomp or TONEX Amp inside AmpliTube 5.5.3.

AmpliTube 5 MAX owners qualify for a limited-time crossgrade option to get TONEX with 400 Premium Tone Models for only $/€49.99. 

If you already own AmpliTube 5 MAX or Total Studio 3.5 MAX (which includes AmpliTube 5 MAX), just add TONEX to the IK cart and apply the automatic coupon at checkout.

If you don't yet have AmpliTube 5 MAX, they are both on sale now for our lowest price ever. Just add them to the IK cart using the auto-coupon for TONEX at checkout.

product image

AmpliTube 5 MAX

$/€599.99 $/€99.99

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$/€149.99 $/€49.99 crossgrade

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