7 Feb 2023

TONEX App Subscription Offer

Unlock TONEX MAX on your iPhone and iPad for $9.99 a month

IK is pleased to announce a new way for guitar and bass players to experience TONEX for iPhone and iPad. TONEX MAX is available now as an in-app purchase with two versions to choose from, including a new subscription model.

For $9.99 a month, you can unlock access to all 1000 Premium Tone Models from TONEX MAX and download unlimited user-created Tone Models on ToneNET directly to your iOS device.

You'll have the best tones with you at all times, even when you're offline. Your subscription Tone Models can be accessed up to 10 times without an internet connection before you'll need to go back online to reset the counter.

You can stop or suspend the subscription anytime. Your Tone Models and settings will be restored as soon as you pick up the subscription again.

The subscription benefits are only available for iPhone and iPad users. All Premium Tone Models and ToneNET downloads are linked to your Apple ID and will not sync on any other platform.

Play with incredible tones wherever you go! Visit the Apple Store to install TONEX and go MAX today!

These iRig interfaces are the perfect companion for TONEX MAX for iPhone and iPad.

product image

iRig 2


product image

iRig HD2