IK Multimedia Product Warranty

Before requesting warranty service, we strongly recommend that you:

1) Visit the FAQ Pages. Most common problems can be easily solved by consulting the FAQ Pages. Please take a look here before contacting Tech Support.

2) Contact IK Tech Support (if you can't find an answer to your problem on the FAQ pages).

To obtain warranty service, you must:

1) Be the original purchaser who bought from an authorized dealer/reseller and register your IK product within fifteen (15) days of purchase.

2) Contact our technical support team who will try to help you to resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved then:

a) If you bought direct from IK Multimedia, then they will advise you how to return the item under warranty.

b) If you bought the product through a reseller (inc. online vendors) then please contact the reseller directly for assistance.

IK Multimedia must be able to duplicate the related defect or problem at its facilities.

Warranty does not apply to damage to this product that occurred as a result of abuse or misuse, abnormal service or handling, accidental damage or exposure to extremes in temperature or relative humidity, improper installation, damage which may have been caused either directly or indirectly by another product, improper care, or if the product has been altered or modified in any way, or if the damage was caused by repairs or service provided by an unauthorized center.

General Warranty Periods

All IK Multimedia retail products carry a two (2) year limited warranty. Replacement cables, power supplies, travel bags and other accessories carry a ninety (90) day warranty.

For European Union Countries, please refer to European Union Product Warranty Directive to determine warranty within your country.

Note: Items not listed on the IK Multimedia webstore, or any items purchased from an unauthorized reseller, are sold as-is with no warranty provided.

Warranty term effective date: 01/01/2021
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