Getting started with Total Studio 3

Let IK Product Manager do the work, you make the music


IK Product Manager

The IK Product Manager gives you one central location to manage all the latest IK Multimedia products. It’s your central command for registration, downloads, installation, authorization, checking for updates, and much more – all optimized to get you back to your music faster than ever. Click here to download IK Product Manager.


Registration, installation, and authorization is all done in IK Product Manager. All you need to do is log in to your IK Multimedia account to get started. You may create an account here if you haven’t already.


If you’ve purchased a software product directly from IK Multimedia, the serial number is automatically registered to your account. If you’ve purchased the boxed edition, or digital edition from a dealer, you can easily register your serial number inside IK Product Manager by clicking on Register Product in the product overview. Registering the Total Studio 3 serial will unlock all the corresponding software in the bundle, allowing you to download, install, and authorize your software – which means get ready to play!

Install and authorize

In the Software and Sounds tab, you can easily check at a glance to see what’s installed on your machine and check for available updates. Click on the “Install” button next to each product to start the download and installation process. The IK Product Manager lets you set a download queue, so you can leave it to run unsupervised. You can pause as needed and, even if you’re disconnected, resume right from where you left off. Authorization is even easier – simply click on the “Authorize” lock button next to each product to authorize.

If you own the boxed version of Total Studio 3 MAX, you may skip this and simply run the software and sound content installers from the USB. Once done, authorize your software in IK Product Manager.


Manage sound libraries

If you’re installing to a new machine, or adding software to an existing machine, we recommend installing and opening IK software first, then install the sound libraries. This allows the software to establish and scan the sounds database.

We recommend opening the following software before installing sounds:

  • SampleTank 4
  • SampleTron 2
  • Syntronik
  • Miroslav Philharmonik 2

You may reset or change sound content directories at any time after this by accessing Sound Content settings in the SampleTank 4 preferences menu. For help on setting up and changing sounds database locations, you may view our guide here.

Documentation and Manuals

All Product Manuals can be found in IK Product Manager. These are located in the product overview section where your Software products are located.


Need more information? Visit FAQ page.