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Save up to $/€200 on your choice of analog synth and drums

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Hear how well IK's new performance pedal handles external effects

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Learn new ways to use iRig interfaces and create better-sounding content

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Save up to 40% on popular iRig interfaces

27 Feb 2023

Production Expert: "IK have planted their flag in the world of 'proper' monitors."

27 Feb 2023

“This amp sim is still going strong to supercharge your guitar recordings!”

23 Feb 2023

IK products featured in Warren Huart's Complete Guide for music makers

23 Feb 2023

Michael Nelson dives deep into IK's new performance pedal

22 Feb 2023

Learn why Gearnews loves UNO Synth Pro and puts it top of the list

22 Feb 2023

Production Expert guides us through the T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip

21 Feb 2023

See the new video series exploring the main and more advanced features

16 Feb 2023

A breakthrough pedal for playing AI Machine Modeling software-generated Tone Models live

14 Feb 2023

“The overall sound quality is fantastic and there's no getting around that!”

10 Feb 2023

With GRAMMY-winning Mix Engineer Bob Horn (BTS, Usher, Lupe Fiasco)

09 Feb 2023

“Still portable, but now more fully-featured than ever before!”

09 Feb 2023

"We'll go through how to connect everything and then how to capture the amp."

08 Feb 2023

Watch as he captures a Bad Cat combo and demos the TONEX Tone Model

08 Feb 2023

The touring musician loves everything about the IK’s virtual instrument!

07 Feb 2023

Unlock TONEX MAX on your iPhone and iPad for $9.99 a month

06 Feb 2023

Is IK's AmpliTube TONEX the best new amp modeler?

03 Feb 2023

"These speakers sound amazing for the price and could be considered a bargain!"

02 Feb 2023

Kane Brown's FOH Engineer David Loy chooses iLoud Precision MTM

30 Jan 2023

Living Room GD Tone Models his collection and rates the results